Tour Agency Review Part 4: Contiki vs. The Yacht Week vs. Intrepid Travel

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Contiki vs. The Yacht Week vs. Intrepid Travel

In previous posts, we have reviewed tour operators offering group travel deals to Millennials, and particular focus has been on Contiki Tours, TheYachtWeek and Intrepid Travels. Here is the concluding part of this series and we will be comparing the 3 tour operators.

  • Contiki Tours, European Travel Ventures (TheYachtWeek) and Intrepid Travels are all college student friendly tour operators offering group travel opportunities.
  • While Intrepid tours are more (but not limited) about cultural diversity and exploring native lifestyles at destinations, Contiki trips and TheYachtWeek offer more contemporary experiences and activities.
  • While fees for Contiki and Intrepid trips would virtually cover all expenses except for some extra basic comforts which might be optional, TheYachtWeek requires preparing for unavoidable extra expenses to cover yacht fuel, tips for skippers and many more.
  • Going on TheYachtWeek, tourists are at liberty to select their yacht mates but with an equal gender ratio, however, Contiki and Intrepid form the tour groups on behalf of their tourists, bringing together like-minded individuals in most cases.

Unique Trip Features of each Tour Operator:

  • Contiki Tours has been around for 55 years and is undoubtedly a giant in the travel industry. This tour operator covers destinations in over 60 countries and offers 8 trip packages to globetrotters between 18-35 years of age. The trip packages include Camping, Easy Pace, Festivals and Short stays, Discovery, High Energy, Sailing and Cruise, Winter and Ski and Indepth Explorer trips. Each trip is organized to cater for different travel preferences both on land and water. Common to all the packages is the “ME Time” which allows for some DIY exploration, provision of air-conditioned coaches to convey tourists around destinations as well as well-trained tour guides to provide necessary support. With Contiki, solo travelers and couples are welcome and trips can be embarked upon at an affordable fee.
  • TheYachtWeek is mainly for water travel and caters for tourists within the age range of 20-30. If your goal is to sail across new destinations all week, amidst wild fun and sufficient booze, then this is a perfect group tour for you. The Croatia, Greece Athens, Montenegro Adriatic, Spain Mallorca, Italy Sicily, Caribbean British Virgin Island and the Croatia Ultra Festival are the 7 main routes available for TheYachtWeek exploration. Whichever route you choose, you will have lots to eat and drink and also enjoy a lot of partying, beach activities and sightseeing.
  • Our third tour operator, Intrepid Travel is notable for small group travel based strictly on local culture. The Homestay feature of the trip styles makes it preferred for college students who are enthusiastic about cultural diversity. The Basix trip style presents an affordable trip style for tourists on a tight budget, however, the Original and Comfort trip styles presents added benefits to travelers who don’t mind spending a bit more. Intrepid also ensures local leaders are available on all the tours to provide support in respect of food recommendations and attractions.

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