Tour Agency Review Part 2: The Yacht Week

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In continuation of posts on travel partner, we will be exploring the world on yachts this week! For Millennials who would love to explore new destinations on a group tour, TheYachtWeek comes to mind. It is typically a seven-day sailing holiday concept for 20-30 year olds by European Travel Ventures. Now here is the idea. The event is structured for holiday makers to choose from different routes that are unique in terms of partying and exploration. So, you simply join an armada of yachts which could be up to 50 on any route, afterwards, you proceed to selecting yacht-mates baring gender balance in mind and make other arrangements, such as booking a skipper and probably hiring a cook for the week if you don’t mind spending extra. Activities involve mainly partying and exploring locations.

To have a closer look at the different routes available, read on:

  • Croatia Original Route: This route has more yachts than any destination. If you are a summer-loving seafarer, this is not a route you would want to ignore. Parts of what you should look out for are the floating raft parties, regatta race, dinner in an ancient fort and lots more.
  • Greece Athens Route: Choosing to sail this route will present you with a mixture of leisure and wild fun in the right proportions. Want to sail this route? Expect the all-white party, Nikki beach pool parties, raft parties, donkey rides around the ruins of hydra and of course delicious Greek cuisines. Don’t also forget to explore the beautiful islands as you dock.
  • Croatia Ultra Festival Route: In contrast to the Croatia Original route, sailing the Croatia Ultra gives yachtweekers an exclusive access to the Ultra Beach. It is also laden with lots of electronic music provided by world class DJs, floating raft parties and beach activities.
  • Montenegro Adriatic Route: This is a new addition. Yachtweekers get to cool off swimming in the Adriatic, exploring coastal towns and have the best clubbing experience ever at the Almara beach club and Porto Montenegro Yacht Club. If you are a lover of beautiful natural landscapes laced with steep mountains and lush vegetation, this is a route you wouldn’t want to miss.
  • Spain Mallorca Route: This is another new addition for 2017. Get on the Mallorca route to see the Island’s expansive sandy beaches and mountainous terrain. You will also get to explore the hidden caves and catch some real fun partaking in the floating raft and themed regatta parties. On a final note, don’t miss seeing one of the world’s most beautiful capitals – Palma de Mallorca – for anything!
  • Italy Sicily Route: If you have been longing for big time adventure and uniquely prepared Italian cuisines, this is the right route for you. You will get to explore the Aeolian Islands with its ancient rocky formations, enjoy a good ride on the island and have lots of playtime with fellow yachtweekers on the beach. Check here for more details.
  • Caribbean British Virgin Islands Route: The Caribbean route is not where you would afford to miss if lots of beach and island activities is what you seek. From the Soggy Dollar cocktails, the seaside yoga, all-white party, regatta race, floating raft party to the closing party at Norman Island, you can be assured of real fun. You also have the opportunity of engaging in underwater snorkeling and exploring the islands.

For all the destinations of TheYachtWeek, be prepared to bear additional costs to cover Yacht fuel, skipper, hostess, port fees, tips, food and drinks, flights and water taxis. The exact routes get communicated to you in about 2 weeks before the event. Visit here to learn more.

TheYachtWeek is a group travel event famous for the real life fun it presents. Are you still wondering on how to you will get to sail one of these routes, let’s help you with our social credit plan custom made for college students. Sign up to learn more about this amazing opportunity.

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