Top Travel Destinations for College Students – Part 3

Top Travel Destinations for College Students – PART 3

Here is the continuation of the series on student travel; we will continue the process of revealing top low budget travel destinations to guide your decision-making as a college student. Remember to visit here to enjoy our special social credit for college students. Read on:


Source: Ourwanderland

This naturally adorned European country was dubbed as the fourth global touristic destination by the New York Times in 2014. The country is rich in sandy beaches, lagoons, sea caves and mountains. Begin a memorable tour of Albania from the heart of the country where the colourful Tirana City is situated. Here, you can visit the scenic Mt. Dajti National Park, the National History Museum and The Pyramid, a notable building you wouldn’t want to miss visiting.

Gjiroskastra is another city notable for castles and slate-roofed houses. Here, you will find destinations such as The Army Museum, Gjiroskastra Castle and the Skenduli House which dates from 1700. These sites can be explored with just 200leke each, which is approximately $2. Before you end your visit, take some time to visit The Albanian Riviera, where you can find Porto Palermo Beach, Llamani Beach and Filikuri Beach. Also, the area is the haven for many international music festivals. Other destinations are: the Llogara Pass, Berat (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and Saranda.

Let’s help you plan your trip:

  • Accommodation (Hostel dorm bed): $11.67/day
  • Bus rides: $11.67/day
  • Food and Drinks: $22.38/day
  • Visits to attractions: $6/day

Book cheap and comfortable hostels for your Albania trip here. If your budget would accommodate hotel lodgings in some of the tourist destinations, you can make your bookings here.

Sri Lanka

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This scenic island country is located in South Asia. Sri Lanka is filled with lush forests, beaches and gushing waterfalls that will keep beckoning on you to explore. Commence your tour with a visit to Nuwara Eliya, also known as “Little England” due to its unique weather condition similar to that of England. Formerly known as Ceylon, Sri Lanka is imbued with evidence of pre-historic human settlements and a huge collection of biodiversity. The country is home to about 91 species of mammals including elephants, leopards and buffaloes. Blue whales and dolphins are also common sights in the ocean around Sri Lanka. So if you are a wildlife enthusiast, you can be assured of a swell time with a visit to Yala National park. Arugam bay is another tourist destination situated at about 320km due east of Colombo, it is a perfect location for surfing. Other tourist destinations include: Adam’s Peak and Sigiriya. During your stay, you can engage in Scuba Diving, Hot air ballooning, Elephant riding and White water rafting in the Keliniya River, Kithulgala. Finaly, you shouldn’t miss taking the Sri Lankan Tea and Spicy cuisines for anything.

Here is a typical student-friendly budget:

  • Accommodation (Hostel dorm bed): $16.02/day
  • Bus rides: $0.46/day
  • Food and drinks: $8.73/day
  • Visits to attractions: $15/day

In total, a daily budget of $40.21 would suffice. Comfortable and affordable hostel accommodations can be found in hostelbookers, if your budget on accommodation is higher, you might want to check SriLankaTravels for suitable hotels.


Source: Eizy

This is another Southeast Asian country suitable that can be explored on a low budget. Thailand has a rich cultural heritage and lush vegetation that can hardly be found elsewhere. Places you can visit include: Bangkok, where you can find the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew which is the most sacred Buddhist temple that also houses the Emerald Buddha among other attractions. For beaches, Hua Hin is notably Thailand’s oldest beach resort; others are Ko Samui, Pattaya and Phuket. You will also love the Chumphon Archipelago as well as the Khao Yai National Park Heo Suwat Waterfall. Top up your stay with a visit to the spa for a nice traditional Thai massage, you would like to return for more! Outdoor activities you can engage in include: Scuba diving, Snorkelling, Surfing and Longboarding among others. Now, let’s look at the budget:

  • Accommodation (Hostel dorm bed): $6.63/day
  • Bus rides: $1.22/day
  • Food and drinks: $10.50/day
  • Visits to attractions: $3.34/day

For comfortable and cheap hostel bookings, visit hostelbookers or trip advisor.

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