Top Travel Destinations for College Students – Part 2

Top Travel Destinations for College Students – Part 2

College students are always looking forward to an opportunity to “break free” and have some real fun. The reason for this is not far-fetched; no one wants to spend a whole year all-nighting without getting out seeing the real world. Visiting new places is part of education and also a way of letting-off some stress, so it is not out of place for college students to seek holiday travel opportunities. While there are many travel destinations spread across the world, getting a student-budget-friendly location could be challenging. So, to support your planning, we have listed below places you can visit on a college student’s budget:

1. Mexico

Source: Open Travel

This beautiful North American country has traditionally been among the most visited countries in the world and one of the best places for summer vacation. It is popular for its remote deserts and alluring beaches stretched across the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. It is home to Cancun, a famous resort town and a beach destination on the Yucatan peninsula. You can enjoy your stay by sun bathing and visiting the lush mountains of Puerto Vallarta where you could also watch dolphins swim and humpback whales, although, you get to see the whales between December and March. Other attractions can be found in Puebla, Merida, Copper Canyon, Guanajunto and Mexico City.

As college students, you can visit on a daily budget of $27.03. Here is a breakdown:

  • Accommodation: $2/night
  • Meals (Food and Drinks): $17.67/day
  • Transportation: $1.04/day
  • Attractions: $6.32/head

For a list of hotels and restaurants such as CDMX Hostel Art Gallery (From US$25)and Stayinn Barefoot Condesa (From US$50), visit here.

2. Indonesia

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The Republic of Indonesia is located in Southeast Asia between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. It is famous as the world’s largest Island country with more than 17,000 Islands. It is another beautiful destination suitable for low budget travel. Indonesia is rich in biodiversity; forests in Sumatra and Kalimantan are popular tourist destinations where you can find the Orang Utan wildlife reserve. The marine life diversity in the Raja Ampat Islands is notably the highest recorded on earth, so it is a wonderful location of various fish species. The Komondo National Park, Cultural Landscape of Bali, Ujung Kulon National Park, Tropical Rainforest Heritage of Sumatra are parts of the 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites that will make your visit a memorable one. The country also boasts of urban tourist attractions, such as amusement parks, spa, and more with numerous shopping malls where you can purchase beautiful Indonesian-made souvenirs.

A visit to Indonesia can be based on daily travel budget of $31.06.

  • Accommodation: $17.22/night
  • Meals (Food and Drinks): $12.24/day
  • Transportation: $0.58/day
  • Attractions: $1.02/head at the minimum.

There are affordable hostels such as Wonderloft Hostel (From US$8.23). For a list of hotels and restaurants where you can make bookings, visit here.

3. Romania

Source: Famous Wonders

Steeped in folk lore, Romania has all the frills of a Grimm’s tale. There are gorgeous castles ominously perched on spiky hilltops and villages that look yanked out of the middle ages. There’s a minor part of the population of Romania who still believe in witchcraft till date. Indeed, stuffs fairy tales are made of. Who wouldn’t want to travel to this la-la land?

  • Accommodation (Hostel dorm room or guesthouse): $12/night
  • Meals (Street food and self-catering): $9.6/day
  • Transportation (Train/bus tickets): $7.2/day
  • Attractions: $2.4/head

ATMs are widely available. Credit cards are widely accepted in hotels and restaurants. Affordable but nice hotels and hostels include: Wonderland Hostel (From US$7.63), Podstel Hostel (From US$9.26), The Cozyness Hostel (From US$8.54), others can be found here.

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