Top Travel Destinations for College Students – Part 1

Top Travel Destinations for College Students – Part 1

Without a doubt, backpacking has remained one of the most adventurous and budget-friendly ways to vacation even as a penniless college student including the now famous European traveler, Rick Steves in 1973. But before you grab your gear or call your close buddies to set out to an unknown destination, we have highlighted below the things to consider before you go. Finding cheap places to travel for college students can be challenging, but with these top ten best places to backpack, you’re guaranteed to see the world without breaking the bank:

1. Turkey

Source: National Turk

Turkey, known historically as the bridge between Asia and Europe, is a popular tourist destination due to its outstanding landscapes. Its commercial capital, Istanbul, was the political center of both the Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Begin your journey here by visiting the Istanbul Old Town, Hagia Sophia Museum, the Chora Church and the Grand Bazaar, a historic market that dates back to the 15th century. Packed full with shops in its thousands, it remains the pulse of the city, and the perfect place to fully experience the Turkish cuisine and culture as well. On a budget? Here’s how to plan the perfect trip to Turkey:

  • Accommodation (hostel dorm bed): Costs about $25 – $60/night
  • Meals (Food and Drinks): Costs between $3-5/day
  • Transportation: About $1.50/day
  • Entrance fees to attraction sites: Costs as low as $5/head

Therefore a daily budget of $45 is possible for a holiday in Turkey.

2. Costa Rica

Source: Groupon

Costa Rica is a choice destination in Central America for its incredible biodiversity.  With its active volcanoes, natural hot springs, beautiful shorelines, you can’t but notice. Enjoy your vacation and explore places like the Corcovado National Park, where you can take an unforgettable hike through rainforests packed with over 500 different tree species. Bring along your camera to capture the howler monkeys, jaguars, sloths, scarlet macaws, the rare glass frog and the tamandua anteaters.

If your budget is tight, you can stretch your dollar by couchsurfing or camping at a backpacker’s dorm, eat at local Tico restaurants or at the “sodas” where meals cost half of what they would at tourist spots. Here is a breakdown:

  • Accommodation: $12/night
  • Meals (Food and Drinks): $28.23/day
  • Transportation: $1.48/day
  • Attractions: $9.28/head

In total, a daily budget of $50.99 would do in Costa Rica.

3. Columbia

Source: Flickr

Renowned as one of the most exotic and alluring countries in South America, Colombia’s Caribbean coast towers the Andean mountains and the mysterious Amazon jungle. You get to enjoy a perfect cocktail of the Caribbean, Spanish and Indigenous cultures. Nothing beats the delicious cuisine, striking colonial architecture and the warmest, beautiful people you get to enjoy and interact with. To make Colombia even more enticing for you, we’re excited to let you know that this destination can be as easy on your wallet as a college student as it is on the eyes. This is because Colombia has a lot of cheap accommodation options and loaded with free and cheap activities to do.

  • Accommodation (hostel dorm bed): Costs about $11.77/night
  • Meals (Food and Drinks): Costs about $11.46/day
  • Transportation: $1.62/day
  • Entrance fee to attraction sites: prices can go for as low as $7.27/head

With a daily budget of $35.69, you’ll comfortably get by in Columbia.

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Get ready; grab your gear and go!

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