Fluid Tour Agency Review Part 3: Intrepid Travel

Source: Adventure Tourism

In continuation of our travel partner review series aligned to assist college students in taking the right travel decision, we will be exploring another giant in the tourism world today! For Millennials and young travelers who would love to explore new destinations on a fun tour, Intrepid comes to mind.

Intrepid is famous as the world’s largest small group adventure travel company focusing on grassroots trips. Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, Intrepid was founded in 1988 by Darrell Wade and Geoff Manchester and has since grown to offer over 1500 itineraries across all continents.

The uniqueness of Intrepid revolve around different travel styles, all focusing on local culture and places. Also, the average group size of 10 across all the tours allows tourists the real freedom and flexibility to get the best of adventures. Intrepid is the choice tour operator among college students and solo travelers as the company ensures affordability and prioritises group travel made up of like-minded people whether they will be meeting for the first time or not.

To cater for a wide range of travellers, Intrepid has 3 major travel styles. Here:

  • Basix Style: This is perfectly designed to provide budget travelers with an amazing adventure devoid of bank breaking. Its unique features include plenty of free time to experience more of the destination, comfortable accommodation that includes homestays with locals, group activities such as market visits, orientation walks and more. Transportation around the destinations is included as part of the adventure and this might include riding on donkeys. Basix trips can be embarked upon with as low as $324.
  • Original Style: Trips in this category are termed “Original” because travelers get to enjoy real life adventure reminiscent of trips in the 80s when the first set of Intrepid tourists hit the roads. Think of a relaxed travel experience with enough free time and a balance of group activities. Accommodation includes lodging in tourist-class hotels, homestays and camping. There are different trips in this category, such as Best of Morocco, Everest Base Camp, Ulury Adventure, Southern Ocean Wildlife Adventure and more.
  • Comfort Style: With this trip style, travelers get to enjoy all the thrills of adventure with more comfort and of course for a little bit more. Travelers enjoy more included meals, comfortable hotels, more leader-led activities, more private transport and a more relaxed travel pace. Trips in this category include Classic Nepal, Antarctic Express Crossing the Circle, Egypt Experience, Sensational Sri Lanka, Bhutan Discovered and more.

To ensure real life experiences built around the cultural values and people of each destination, Intrepid utilizes the services of Local Leaders for all trips. These individuals are familiar with the terrain and well trained to assist tourists with food choices and recommend attractions. This also adds to the local experience. You can find more about Intrepid trips here.

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