Fluid is Built For Us!

Fluid is the brainchild of a group of young financial analysts and software engineers.
Our belief is to deliver credit and most importantly educate young people about credit before to take on bigger financial burdens after college.


We went through months of brainstorm sessions to come up with this beautiful and easy to use design. Most importantly, we wanted to deliver a credit product completely free to you. It isn’t an easy feat to balance cost of capital (we need to borrow money to lend), default risk (life happens and some people can’t pay their debt, we understand) and revenue (ramen money) for us to keep this product going.


We also thought about the problems we are really addressing here. To the students, the latest rounds of financial reform laws really pushed credit card products out of students hands. The 2009 Credit Card Responsibility Act essentially forbid big banks and credit card company from offering high fee and interest product to unsuspecting college students. Some of their marketing tactics such as luring students with free t-shirts and pizza is fun and all but deemed somewhat disingenuous.

We are saying no to high fees and interest rates. Why can’t we built a beautiful, easy to use product that’s education, fun, social and most importantly… can we make it fee and interest free?


Introducing Fluid. It’s a simple installment loan (3 to 6 months pay back period). You can spend it with the latest virtual card technology that lets you spend your money immediately. We are able to work with some of the newest banking technologies out there to give you instant access to credit.

As an added protection, the Fluid Card is an disposible card that generates new credit card numbers every 12 hours. You will never have to worry about losing you card again.

There are so many features that we want to tell you about. But until next time, sign up on the bottom of the main website and get on the beta list.

Timothy Li - Founder and CEO Kuber Inc.

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