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Tour Agency Review Part 2: The Yacht Week

In continuation of posts on travel partner, we will be exploring the world on yachts this week! For Millennials who would love to explore new destinations on a group tour, TheYachtWeek comes to mind. It is typically a seven-day sailing holiday concept for 20-30 year olds by European Travel Ventures. Now here is the idea. The event is structured for holiday makers to choose from different routes that are unique in terms of partying and exploration. So, you simply join an armada of yachts which could be up to 50 on any route, afterwards, you proceed to selecting yacht-mates baring gender balance in mind and make other arrangements, such as booking a skipper and probably hiring a cook for the week if you don’t mind spending extra. Activities involve mainly partying and exploring locations.

Top Travel Destinations for College Students – Part 2

College students are always looking forward to an opportunity to “break free” and have some real fun. The reason for this is not far-fetched; no one wants to spend a whole year all-nighting without getting out seeing the real world. Visiting new places is part of education and also a way of letting-off some stress, so it is not out of place for college students to seek holiday travel opportunities. While there are many travel destinations spread across the world, getting a student-budget-friendly location could be challenging. So, to support your planning, we have listed below places you can visit on a college student’s budget

“Online Lender Cultivates Campuses” Asset-Backed Alert, Dec 16, 2016

A startup microlender is employing an unusual business tactic that could position it as an issuer of asset-backed bonds.

Mobilend, led by financial-technology entrepreneur Timothy Li, plans to build an initial client base through a project called Fluid through which it will offer college students no-interest loans of up to $500 starting next month.

#DesignMatters – Fluid App Icon Explained!

We spent the most of our days testing right look for our product. From our icon to font, from the color palettes to contrast ratio, everything is meticulously scrutinized. We want to make and put the the most beautiful product we can possibly can into your hands. Next week, we will be closing our internal beta and we […]

Introducing: Fluid Virtual Card

Hi Kids Before I begin, I want to thank everyone that has reached out to me and offered their help with this Fluid movement. You’re my inspiration. And to those who subscribed to our newsletter and reading them, thank you. For those beta testers that’s extended your precious time and offer to help. Our team […]

Fluid is Built For Us!

Fluid is the brainchild of a group of young financial analysts and software engineers. Our belief is to deliver credit and most importantly educate young people about credit before to take on bigger financial burdens after college. We went through months of brainstorm sessions to come up with this beautiful and easy to use design. […]