Welcome To FluidFi – Short Introduction


The fluid app did not create by a chance or any business idea. It is designed by a group of highly qualified and sharp minded persons/members like engineers, legal/compliance advisers, experts and new creative designers with a passion for conveying the unique and best personal finance app for the upcoming next generation of consumer’s, Fluid is for new generation and student’s because sometimes students are in problem due to financial situation. So, solutions to all these problems are only fluidfi app.

This group consists of a complete team.

TIMOTHY LI is the founder and CEO of fluid.

The fluid has also consisted of 6 (advisers) persons of the team.

They give the best advice/solution according to your problem and situation.


In fluid some important some important requirements are necessary.

Some requirements are followed.

Check and see if fluid credit is available in your state/province.

Check and see if your institute and school are on the list in our app.

Check and see if your bank is listed in our app.

Undocumented students are not able to take the funding loan state.

Diploma of a high school Or a certificate should be a must.

So, these were the some few easy and simple steps to getting the start.

If these steps fulfill your requirements, then you get the loan quickly.

How it works:

Easy and straightforward way to start the work.

Some steps are as follow.

  1. Get the fluid app.
  2. Create a profile and tell how much money you need.
  • You must be at least 17 years old to download this App.
  1. Students should have valid social security.

Why Fluid?

Fluid credit is revolutionary (ios) mobile app that facilitates a platform for college students to access interest-free loans that get reported to credit reporting.

The interface of the fluid app is attracting and simple for any student. Moreover, anyone can sign up easily and tell us about our problems. Fluid covers the 10,000 above schools/institutes registered in the fluid.

Fluid gives you the 0% interest no any extra charges fee installment loan for any product. This is unique and one of a kind.

Students can pay their fee once. Moreover, return the loan’s payment every month without any issue.

Fluid uses the top 3rd party banking platform to connect to your bank account and deliver the loan securely and to automatically authorize the withdraw (Payments).

Any student gets up to $500 and 0% interest with the fluid credit app outstanding designed app for million college students in the United States. Automatic payment installments make to payback and build your credit with any fee.

What’s New?

  • Ability to upload driver license and student ID.
  • University icon display.
  • Ability to upload and view uploaded documents.

Thanks for choosing us.

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