Fluid Credit Visits Third Largest College In Orange County

Wake up and smell the coffee! Fluid Credit will be on campus tomorrow to talk to 25,000 students at Orange Coast College. Orange Coast College is the Orange County’s third largest college located in Costa Mesa, California.

Orange Coast College is founded in 1947 (70 years ago) and enrolls over 16,000 undergraduate students with a student body of 25,000. 97% of Orange Coast College is from California and the other 3% is from out of state. Almost a third of students are part time. Orange Coast College is one of the highest 2-year to 4-year transfer schools. Most of the students transfer to a UC (Universtiy of California) school after staying at Orange Coast College for 2 years.

One of the notable and the late lead singer of Stone Temple Pilot, Scott Weiland is a graduate of Orange Coast College. Stone Temple Pilot was originally known as Stone Temple Pirates. Do you think it has something to do with Pete The Pirate, Orange Coast College’s mascot?!

We look forward to an awesome event tomorrow. More photos to come. Don’t forget to download our latest iOS app and start building your financial¬†credit while getting an awesome education at Orange Coast College.

Team Fluid

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