#DesignMatters – Fluid App Icon Explained!

We spent the most of our days testing right look for our product. From our icon to font, from the color palettes to contrast ratio, everything is meticulously scrutinized. We want to make and put the the most beautiful product we can possibly can into your hands.

Next week, we will be closing our internal beta and we will begin general beta testing. While we took a tiny break in between releases, I reflected upon our design journey in the past six months. We don’t have all the time to talk about every aspects of our app design, I do want to talk about our logo…

FluidApp and Tinder Logo


I spent about a month with our designers to come up with a logo that represents fluidity, liquidity, energetic and robust. We worked through many designs and surveyed the entire team over and over again. I think I drove them crazy and tortured them many variations of the App icon.

We went from flying fish (yes, flying fish) to water droplets, to ripples to abstracts. Different variations of colors, hues and shades were generated on a daily basis. Finally, we settled on this beautiful design.

Fluid App Icon represents water being poured into an invisible glass (bowl). The headwater is making a return/fold as it is being poured with great velocity. The purity of the design represents our product’s vision. We want to build a transparent, clean and clear credit product that is fun to use and straightforward.

Variations of FluidApp Icon

Thank you for spend a few minutes getting to know our design choices and an insight into how much energy we poured into our design. I hope you can join us in our private general beta begins in a few weeks.

Please sign up here: http://www.www.fluidfi.com/beta-testers/



Timothy Li - Founder and CEO

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